Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rude ass people

So the other day - and yes, I am posting to this rotting corpse of a blog for the first time in a year and a half - I am in the local Eddie's picking up some stuff for dinner and there is a line of people at the register.  Normally, Eddies never makes you wait more than a person or two, but today, it was busy, and early.

One of the cashiers was told to close her line for a break and she did, but as she walked past the longer line, she came upon the older white man in front of me who was buying a USAToday.  Now there were about four people in front of him, so she very nicely, very gently tried to him:

Cashier: Excuse me sir, but I can ring you through on my register.
Man: (gives her a dirty look)
Cashier: "I would be happy to ring that up for you."
Man: "Get away.  Leave me alone."
Cashier, to me: "Can I help you on my register?"
Me: "Sure. Thank you."

Out in the parking lot, Mr. Crabass was getting into his big old ugly Cadillac, going on his ugly ass way, opposite of my direction.

The point is that she was trying her best to help the guy.  Instead of saying "no thank you," it was "Get away," and "leave me alone."

I understand that you are going to find crabby people, anywhere.

People wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

People may have had a bad morning.

People can have a lot on their minds.

People can even dislike people.

But being an asshole to someone who is trying to help you, its just rude.

Down right rude.

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